About Roicare

Roicare Hospital & Clinics is a private, pioneering and international-standard health system. Being proud of its advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, Roicare mainly provides comprehensive and integrated services to women and children. Covering an area of 26,000 square meters and 171 wards, Roicare has Obstetrics Center, Postpartum Care Center, Pediatrics, Child Health Consulting Center, Neonatal NICU, Gynecology, Plan of Reproduction Clinic, Reproductive Endocrine Clinic, Gynecological Private Anti-aging Center, Pelvic Floor Disorders Center, and International Clinic, as well as other departments of Anesthesiology, Medical Clinic, Clinical Laboratory, Pharmacy, Department of Radiology and etc. Aimed at comprehensively protecting women’s and children’s health, all staff at the Roicare Hospital & Clinics warmly welcome and take care of every client with professional services.
With the leadership of President Li Hui, Chief Expert Song Weiwei, who are famous and authoritative experts in the field of obstetrics and gynecology around China, our Roicare Hospital & Clinics has gathered a group of renowned experts from cities of Liaoning Province. By adhering to the core value of “Health and safety come first especially for patients, providing warm loving honest trustworthy care”, we have created the team of Roicare Hospital & Clinics with incredible and impressive technical strengths. Combining the advantages of the professional expertise of public hospitals and the elegant environment of private hospitals, Roicare is constantly striving to meet and exceed worldwide service quality, which is not only reputable among the public, but also increasingly recognized by their peers.
As a high-end private hospital with excellent medical technology, advanced service concept and rich management experience, Roicare Hospital & Clinics has set up the accountability system of medical management team (management team refers to the Dr H & W Medical Group). With the strong support of national policies, President Li Hui,Chief Expert Song Weiwei lead the trend of private hospital development in China based on innovative management mechanism, innovative awareness and innovative technologies, build more personalized service platforms to meet the diversified medical needs in the society, give full play to the positive role of private hospital in alleviating the public hospital’s heavy pressure, and response to government’s initiative of developing private hospitals. This is the expectation of medical reform as well as the desires of people.
Roicare Clinic located at the Shenyang Huanggu MixC mall collaborates together to create a model that combines commercial real estate with health & wellness, bringing together diagnosis and treatment services with leisure experiences.
Combining shopping & leisure time and enjoying parent-child activities, the most basic health needs can be met. The state of the art medical clinic features six service departments including child health care, obstetric management, gynecological diagnosis and treatment, postpartum rehabilitation, medical
cosmetics, and family health management, creating a new one-stop family health service complex.

· Positioning: Integrating the traditional Chinese and western pioneering concept of motherhood to create a truly expert-based international hospital for women and children.

· Vision: Founded in Shenyang, committed to be a leader of the high-quality maternity industry in China and even in the international market.

· Mission: Set up a professional model of high-quality medical service, always provide clients with wonderful care, standardize the process of diagnosis and treatment, and create the most eased, assured and comfortable platform for clients.

· Concept: We follow the advanced international medical concept and apply the rigorous management, excellent technologies, detailed process design and perfect humane care, to create the all-around satisfactory medical quality with the characteristics of Roicare Hospital & Clinics for clients.

Shenyang Roicare Hospital & Clinics:

Clinic Time: 8:00-17:00(All year round)

Hotline: 024-31353333
International Hotline: 024-31925210

Hospital Address: No.136, Northeast Road, Dadong District, Shenyang (Opposite to the Orthopedic Hospital Station)

Roicare Clinic

Clinic Time: 9:00-18:00(All year round)

Hotline: 024-88068899 、024-88085999

Hospital Address: L129|L225,No.18 Chongshan East Road,Huanggu District,Shenyang