We firmly believe that excellent doctors are core of excellent medical service.

With the leadership of President Li Hui, Chief Expert Song Weiwei, who are famous and authoritative experts in the field of obstetrics and gynecology around China, our Roicare Hospital & Clinics has gathered a group of renowned experts from cities of Liaoning Province. By adhering to the core value of “Health and safety come first especially for patients, providing warm loving honest trustworthy care”, we have created the team of Roicare Hospital & Clinics with incredible and impressive technical strengths.

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International Clinic

  • Dr. Hui Li

    M.D., Ph.D.

    M D , Ph D ,OB & GYN Specialist, Chief Physician,President of Roicare Hospital & Clinics Founder of Dr H & W Medical Group

  • Dr. Weiwei Song

    Dr. Song Weiwei ,MD,PhD,President

    出诊时间:Chief Expert, M.D. & Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Supervisor

    Chief Expert, M D & Ph D , Professor, Doctoral Supervisor Dr Song served as a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University

  • Dr. Zhiling Yu

    Medical Director of Roicare Hospital & Clinics, Head of Pediatric Center, M.D., Chief Physician / Associate Professor, Master Tutor

    Medical Director of Roicare Hospital & Clinics, Head of Pediatric Center, M D , Chief Physician Associate Professor, Master Tutor

  • Dr. Ning Ha

    M.D. &PhD

    Head of Anesthesiology Department, Medical Quality Control Director, Doctor of Anesthesiology, Associate Professor Chief Physician

  • Wendy

    Chief Nurse - International Clinic

    Chief Nurse - International Clinic Wendy Zhang used to work in London for 4 years before she joined Roicare

  • Ellen Zhang

    She majored in international nursing with Bachelor Degree, having rich experience in ophthalmology

  • Cici

    International outpatient nurse, foreign nursing major; she has been a nurse for 6 years and worked at United Doctors Hospital Saudi Arabia for 2 years

  • Cynthia

    Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Pharmacist, International Commercial Insurance & customer service specialist