Pediatrics Team

Dr. Yan Ling Chen

Dr. Yan Ling Chen

Well-know Child Care Expert Chief Physician

Dr. Chen graduated from China Medical University, majored in pediatrics. She used to be the president of Liaoning Maternal And Child Health Care Hospital, and engaged in pediatrics and child health care for 32 years.
Her expertise is in the area of  children's health management, nutrition and feeding, nutritional diseases, early childhood education and potential development, children's height promotion, genetic, metabolic and endocrine diseases.

Professional Memberships
Vice President of Liaoning Nutritional Association
Standing director of Liaoning Medical Association
Standing director of Liaoning Preventive Medicine Association
Chairman of Child Protection Professional Committee
Vice chairman of Liaoning Food Education Professional Committee
Standing member of Newborn Professional Committee of Liaoning Life Science Association
Member of Child Health Care Specialty Alliance of National Children's Medical Center
Awards and Honors 
Dr. Chen participated in the compilation of 5 professional medical books and  published more than 20 articles. She has won the third prize of science and technology of Liaoning Province three times.
She has been honored as the March 8th red flag bearer of Liaoning Province, advanced individual of Liaoning Province Women and children development plan, " Excellent Doctor As Good As Bethune " and other honorary titles.