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There are some would-be mothers, they prefer natural labor and want to welcome the arrival of new baby through the most natural and healthy way.
However, for those who do not have much medical knowledge, there are many concerns: Is it possible to have natural delivery if there is cord around neck?

Is it possible to change the abnormal fetal position?Why does someone need a forceps?Why do some people fail natural delivery?What kinds of risks are there for natural delivery?

For these questions, how to give would-be mothers the most scientific, most detailed and most feasible solutions?
After a long-term preparation and planning, the Midwife Clinic of Roicare Hosiptal & Clinics is established successfully to provide services to would-be mothers and their families.

The senior midwives who use the professional obstetrics software which are distinctive for communication between clients and doctors to help you get solutions, so that would-be mothers can understand and be familiar with natural childbirth and no longer be afraid of it.请输入标题     bcdef


Why set up midwife clinic?

The process of pregnancy is accompanied by different pathological conditions, which make the pregnant women and fetal babies face certain risks and necessary choices.
The midwife, who accompanies pregnant women throughout the entire labor process, can help would-be mothers understand the process of natural childbirth in advance and learn about the delivery environment so as to clarify and explain the various possible situations and risks.

In this way, would-be mothers will confidently entrust themselves and their children to doctors, and to better cooperate with medical staff so as to maximize the success rate of natural childbirth.


However, in many cases, languages are plain.In the event that clients are lack of medical knowledge, it will be difficult for them to understand doctor's advice immediately. Sometimes, the best opportunity to deal with the delivery process will be missed and contradictions between doctors and clients will be caused due to their incomprehension as well.In fact, the goals of doctors and clients are the same, the common enemy should be abnormalities in the labor process.Establishing a communication platform to enhance mutual understanding and trust, and having a harmonious relationship between doctors and clients is particularly important to improving the accuracy and safety of diagnosis and treatment.

Talk to Patients

Facilitate the communication between doctors and patients

Talk to Patients, a specialized obstetric software, is developed under the leadership of President Li Hui. With years of efforts, this application aims at addressing the issue of doctor-patient communication.

Talk to Patients (Obstetrics) enables pregnant women to better understand the process of natural childbirth and potential risks and clearly understand their special condition by using 3D simulation technology; it enables doctors and midwives to describe the condition to the pregnant women easier and more vivid so as to facilitate communication between doctors and patients.

knot of umbilical cord

△head delivery

breech delivery

President Li Hui has researched, discussed and practiced with medical experts and technicians for many times and has devoted a lot of efforts to develop this software.
The ultimate goal of Talk to Patients is to clearly explain the delivery process and medical treatment to the client, familiarize them with the objective and complex aspects of the process so as to consider, choose and decide smartly.

It is this software that allows the midwife clinic of Roicare to better serve pregnant women and their families, so that they can easily deal with the natural childbirth and avoid harms due to any wrong traditional concept and Insufficient medical knowledge.


Roicare Hospital & Clinics unswervingly implement this core value of "Warm & Humane, Honest & Trustworthy", to protect client's health with the world's most advanced technology and equipment, and to provide client an international medical experience with the most humanized services.

Opening Hours of the Midwife Center: Monday to Friday

Location of the Midwife Center: Six Floor of Area A, Roicare Hospital & Clinics (take No.5 and No.6 elevator in the lobby in the first floor)

Consultation & Appointment Call: 024-31353333

Enjoy a safe journey of healthy pregnancy and delivery.What are you waiting for?Come to the Midwife Clinic and talk with us!