Obstetrics Center

Baby Massage



What is Baby Massage?

Baby Massage is a popular and scientific method of baby-nursing. By tender massage of baby's skin and body, it can stimulate development of sensory organs, enhance physiological growth and nervous system response as well as improve baby's recognition of the external environment.

Love could be given to her baby from mother’s care, which promotes communication between mom and baby, and helps baby get a sense of security.

As a new parent, do you know the benefits of Baby Massage?Have you mastered the skills of Baby Massage?Come and learn with Roicare.
Baby Massage from early age can give babies the feeling of love and satisfaction of being loved, and they will get the sense of security and confidence throughout their lives.For the healthy and happy lives of babies, we recommend new parents to take a little time every day to do Baby Massage from the first day and they will find that this is the happiest and the most wonderful time. Take care of babies with love and care and enjoy intimate time by Baby Massage!

Child Health Consulting Center


Headed by Director Gong Hongmei as the leader, Child Health Consulting Center and Pediatric Clinic are set up separately to prevent cross infection among babies.It mainly includes neonatal physical examination to conduct capacity assessment; growth and development monitoring for babies between 0 and 7 years old, including physical, nutritional and psychological intervention as well as feeding and behavioral development intervention during various stages of children; allergic disease screening and diagnosis and treatment as well as nutrition management in the later period; psychological diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents and youths.

Green Pediatrics


We emphasize rational use of drugs, refuse excessive treatment and adhere to green treatment.Each drug used here has been rigorously selected for high safety and effectiveness.Treatment range: common diseases of children aged between 0-14, respiratory diseases and asthma, gastrointestinal diseases and other pediatric diseases.




Roicare Hospital & Clinics focuses on creating NICU. NICU headed by Director Yu Zhiling as the director, provides coherent and rigorous medical services for newborn babies and protects baby's life.NICU has 10 beds and is equipped with the international top multi-functional neonatal/pediatric ventilator, infant incubator, monitor, DR machine, neonatal/pediatric continuous positive airway pressure system and so on which provide strong support for successfully saving premature infants and other children with critical illnesses.