Pediatrics Center

Child Health Consulting Center

Headed by Director Gong Hongmei as the academic leader, the Child Health Consulting Center of Roicare and Pediatric Clinic are set up separately to prevent cross-infection among babies.It mainly includes neonatal physical examination to conduct capacity assessment; growth and development monitoring for babies between 0 and 7 years old, which includes physical, nutritional and psychological intervention as well as feeding and behavioral development intervention on various stages of children; allergic disease screening, diagnosis and treatment as well as nutrition management in the later period; psychological diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents and youths.
Warm Environment - fun and like a children's playground
When you walk into a cafe house, a shopping mall or a hospital, where does your first feeling come from?
The environment.
The clean, tidy, fun, warm and gracious child health consulting center of Roicare will definitely make babies relax, happy and willing to attend here and seems that their illness to be all good.

The waiting area is open. A naughty castle and plenty of educational toys are placed in a corner.
Here you will find a lot of Must(s): one doctor and one patient in one room,
big sofa,
breastfeeding room,
gorgeous and cute cartoon stickers on the wall,
Warm Doctors - professional and friendly
With director Gong Hongmei as the academic leader, the pediatric doctors in the Child Health Consulting Center of Roicare are professional and have rich clinical experience. They are amiable and love children very much.During the visiting time, doctor will have casual and easy talks with parent and child and interact with each other deeply.Doctor will fully respect parent, but unscientific and unreasonable choices will be promptly reminded and prevented.At Roicare, children are not afraid of doctors, they do not cry, they are happy and in good order. The whole process is easy and smooth.
Warm Service - 37℃ smile and family's love
Smile can shorten all the distance;
37℃ is the average body temperature;
and 37℃ smile is the most humane smile.
At here, clients will enjoy all nurses' sweet smile all the time.With fresh appearance and gracious attitude, our nurses always treat clients courteously and patiently!
"No matter how rude or stubborn the client's behavior, we never forget to keep a sincere smile, because we believe smile has a power to solve unnecessary quarrels.Our smiling service makes the doctor-patient relationship more harmonious,” the chief nurse Jiang Siwen said.
t the child health consulting center of Roicare, no nurses are rushed to come and go, instead they are more gentle and careful; no cold communication like robots, instead they are more considerate to demonstrate every detail of baby care; no skimp on the duty, instead they focus on job wholeheartedly.

Our smiling service means: keep eye contact at a distance of 5 meters, stand up and smile at a distance of 3 meters, and 500 times smiling service per day. We are committed to draw the warmest radius for clients!
Screening & Assessment Services
Newborn Physical Examination \ Growth Development Assessment \ DDST \ Bone Density Measurement \ Neonatal Jaundice Screening \ Allergic Risk Assessment \ DST+SM\Eye and Ear Development Screening \ Neonatal Neural-behavioral Capacity Assessment \ Physical Examination of 0-14 Years Old Children \ Temperament Assessment 
Prevention & Treatment Services
Treatment, prevention and nutritional intervention of nutritional diseases (obesity and malnutrition) Early prevention and nutritional intervention of allergic diseases Treatment, prevention and follow-up nutritional intervention of trace element deficiency (rickets, anemia, zinc deficiency, etc.)
Guidance and Healthcare Classes
Nutritional guidance and catering for mom-to-be \ Early toy guidance and intellectual development in childhood \ Breastfeeding instruction and catering for new mom \ Consulting and guidance of children's psychological and behavioral issues \ Supplementary food guidance and catering for baby \ Comprehensive training on baby's sensory ability (1-on-1 instruction), client receives one for free when buy six classes \ Sports ability guidance (gross and fine motor skills development) \ Comprehensive training on baby's sensory ability (1-on-1 instruction), client receives two for free when buy ten classes