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The Pediatric Clinic of Roicare


Unique and Warm Service

At here, children can get more than just a prescription or medical record, but considerate home care!


What does the pediatrics of Roicare look like?

No Queue Up

At Roicare , there is no time-consuming queue up, instead we provide efficient and convenient, private and personalized medical service.

Clients do not need to go around the hospital to contact different departments. One package service of diagnosis, test, treatment, pharmacy and payment are all guided by pediatric staff of Roicare It is not parents and babies who go around the hospital, but our staff of Roicare take care of every detail. This greatly eliminates any problem of cross-infection among patients.

No Hurry & Worry

At Roicare 's pediatrics clinic, everything is well organized and people are calm with a smile.The parent can make an appointment in advance through Roicare 's official Wechat account or call the front desk at 024-31353333. This will ensure the doctor and client have sufficient time to communicate more details about children's condition.Parent feels free to tell all his/her concerns, and the doctor will give the best advice and ensure that each child has one-on-one consultation service!

No Sloppy & Careless

At the pediatrics of Roicare, it's definitely no sloppy and careless service, every medical decision is made through an evidence-based process.Our pediatricians use the latest and well-proved clinical guidelines in the world and follow the evidence-based principle to provide medical service.

No Fear and Anxiety

There is no fear anxiety at the pediatrics of Roicare, but only pleasure.All decorations and details of the hospital are designed for children and parents. With a naughty castle, here looks like a theme park. Children can find everything they like, and no longer afraid of seeing a doctor, but full of fun.


International Standard of Medical Hardware Facilities

Sputum Elimination Machine for Children

The sputum elimination machine for children is based on the principle of clinical chest physical therapy (directed body position drainage), which produces a therapeutic force on the body surface that changes periodically in a specific direction. The therapeutic force has strong penetration and can penetrate the cortex, muscles, tissues and body fluids, and produce force in its vertical direction. The directional extrusion of slamming and tremor can promote the relaxation and liquefaction of mucus and metabolites on the mucosal surface of the respiratory tract.

During the intervals of slamming, tremor, and directional extrusion, the force changes are more moderate and patient's comfort is enhanced, especially for children with poor tolerance.

Atomizer for Children

Each atomizer has a video player.The child can take atomization treatment while watching an interesting cartoon, thus her/his fear is removed and emotion is appeased.

Green and childlike design. In this area, the use of a green layout creates an atmosphere of hope and is in full compliance with children's world. There are also a variety of lovely balloons and stickers that will make children feel not in a hospital.

Low Noise & High Safety.“"Integral Atomizer" not only has no noise, but the operation is very simple. Press one button, you can start it. The operation interface is locked so that babies cannot use it by themselves which ensures babies' safety.

Painless Allergic Tester

Injection is needed to take an allergic test, but what if child cries?The painless allergic tester can replace the traditional skin test injection method. It only takes five minutes to observe the skin test results. It is non-invasive, painless, safe and accurate.

Composite Pulse Magnetic Therapy Instrument

Does injection a must for pediatric bronchitis, pneumonia, diarrhea and other illnesses?No, because we have a composite pulse magnetic therapy instrument!By using 2 electrodes to tightly contact the acupuncture points, the drug will be introduced into patient's body. The treatment time is 15-30 minutes and therapeutic result is fine. The operation is safe without any side effects. It can reduce the use of intravenous infusion and oral medication, and the amount/frequency of systemic medication. Local drug administration will produce better result and relieve baby's pain.