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Postpartum Meals

Roicare's Star Postpartum Meals

Postpartum meal

The 1st week after delivery


Enrich blood, remove lochia, promote uterine contraction

Green Spinach Rolls丨Cooked Fresh Shrimps with Caviar and Milk丨Red Dates, Goji Berry and Celery Soup丨Steamed Turbot丨Millet Pumpkin Porridge丨Purple Potato Pie

The 2nd week after delivery


Prolactin, strengthen bones and muscles, prevent waist and back pain

Boiled Shrimps丨Meat Paste and Yam Puree丨Cooked Vegetables丨Carp Fish and Medulla Tetrapanacis Soup丨Sesame and Rice丨Pumpkin Pie

The 3rd week after delivery


Nourish vitality and improve health

Millet and Sea Cucumber丨Okra Seasoned with Scallions丨Braised Beef with Radish丨Stewed Tiger Grouper丨Brasied Ribs with Corns丨Shrimp Dumplings

The 4th week after delivery


Replenish physical strength, prevent aging

Braised Abalone with Brown Sauce丨Steamed Eggs丨Fried Cucumber with Fungus丨Brasied Oxtail with Yam Puree and Water Chestnut丨Durian Dessert丨Beef Pie

Our cook Team will follow up client's feedback and adjust the menu accordingly.While addressing the needs for breastfeeding, we also take all requirements for postpartum recovery, health improvement, body shaping and beauty into consideration!


After All Hardships of Pregnancy

You Deserve More Love and Care

Dear new moms, are you still worried about what to eat or ?how to choose ingredients during postpartum period?No matter you are at home or in the hospital, just make a phone call, you can enjoy a five-star postpartum meal service!Our cook team will make personalized postpartum meals according to your physical conditions.On time delivery and freshness of all ingredients are guaranteed!



Roicare's Master Chef for Postpartum Meals

Chef Yao

He is a high-level and star-rated chef in China especially proficient in Cantonese food. Having more than 30 years of experience in the food industry, he deeply understands the culture of Cantonese food and works like an artist when dealing with ingredients.


Star Cook Team

Headed by Chef Yao, a star-rated chef of Cantonese food, our cook team has the ability to make delicious, nutritious, tasty and eye-attracting meals to satisfy your all desires for food.

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