Ultrasound Department

Introduction to the Department

At the Ultrasound Clinic of Roicare, we provide you quiet and pleasant environment, as well as cordial and warm services.
The appointment system is convenient and time-saving, mom-to-bes don't need to queue up for taking a 4D color Doppler ultrasound examination.
Surrounded by melodious music, even a short time of waiting has become a pleasant experience.
Advanced Equipment & World-Class Standard
At the Ultrasound Clinic of Roicare Hospitals & Clinics, we serve pregnant women with the most sophisticated technology and the most advanced equipment.In addition to several US GE-Voluson E8 4D color Doppler ultrasound apparatuses, we also purchased a very expensive and world-leading US GE-Voluson E10 4D color Doppler ultrasound apparatus. Its unprecedented quality guarantees more accurate prenatal screening diagnosis and better medical services.
Ultrasonologists Dedicated to Keep Improvement
Normally ultrasound doctors are working in a small and dark room every day to stare at the ultrasound diagnostic screen, they serve patients one after another carefully. In fact, we don't know they also suffer from tired waist, eyes and neck. After years of quiet dedication, they have become accustomed to the hard work under pressure of cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder and visual fatigue.
However, they're always aware of their significant responsibilities. They value client's dream and hope, and carry the mission of making an accurate diagnosis and the first "security check" for baby's life.Ultrasound doctor also plays a role of clinician's "detective eye" and "scout".
Roicare has won general clients' favor not only because of our professional techniques and high-end equipment, but also our doctors' consideration and care makes them assured.Roicare's ultrasound team boasts superb technology, strict process, warm atmosphere and dedicated professionalism to conduct comprehensive ultrasound examinations for every client, thus to fully protect the health and safety of women and children.